ec@Filing is a convenient document imaging system that enables you to manage paper documents efficiently.  It is simple to use, thoughtfully designed, and remarkably intuitive.

IndexingBy scanning documents into your computer, ec@Filing will sort and archive all your documents according to your needs.  Then you can move all those paper records to a storage area with the peace of mind that you can always look up any document with the click of a button.

ec@Filing also lets multiple users access specific documents designated by the administrator.  This retrieval system is highly intuitive and you can sort your documents quickly and effectively.   Using a security code, the administrator has total control and flexibility to limit or expand other users' accesses in order to maintain a certain level of security and privacy.


ApplicationBuilderec@Filing provides you with a comprehensive Application Builder so that you can build the applications which best fit your requirements. You can define up to twelve index fields with your own legends, and have a choice of connecting to SQL Server or Oracle.

No more traveling to the filing room, no more lost documents, no more waiting for documents to be returned.  All your records will be at your fingertips.  Besides images, ec@Filing can assist you in managing any document types as long as your system supports it.

An optional Archiving Module allows you to store your documents on DVD-ROM, a safe and easy way to make your documents available for future references.