Are your employees really at work?

Are those at work really your employees?biometrics-readers

Does the payroll accurately refelect what you should pay?

Do you know what "Buddy Punching" is?

Evolution of punch cards to smart cards is proven to have enhanced convenience and effiiciency in time attendance and workforce management, but frauds are still a headache to many.  With the introduction of biometrics systems, time attendance and workforce management is never more accurate, and along with them comes better access control, reduced payroll and labor costs, minimized compliance risk, improved workforce productivity, and most importantly, providing you with peace of mind.

With the ever-growing focus on security measures of people, assets and data, identity protocols are of utmost importance.  Biometrics is one of the fastest-emergent means of identity protocols as it is almost impossible to forge biometric information.  When considering what kind of biometrics products should be procured, the choice for a company should be driven by business needs, technology infrastructure, the risk of the systems to be protected and acceptance by users.




FingerprintFingerprintFingerprint ReaderFingerprint Reader

Fingerprint scanners are arguably the most common biometrics readers in the market. Although many new technologies come out from time to time, fingerprint scanners remain popular partly because they were one of the first biometric technologies developed, and partly because they are easy to use.  However, if the hands and fingers of users at a site may get dirty or injured easily, fingerprint scanners may not be the best choice since they may fail to read damaged fingerprints.


Hand Geometry

Hand Geometry ConceptHandReader Hand ReaderWorkers At Entrance

Hand geometry biometrics makes use of characteristics found with the human palm and fingers structure, including width of the fingers in different places, length of the fingers, thickness of the palm area, etc., for personal identification and authentication.  Although the human hand is not considered unique enough, it contains sufficient anatomical features to provide a mechanism for personal identification.  This is ideal when authentication needs to be given to workers whose hands and fingers are covered with external elements, such as water, dust, wearing gloves, and where fingerprints are almost impossible to be used during the identification process.


Iris Recognition

Iris RecognitionLG Iris Access 3000LG Iris Access 3000Iris Reader

Iris recognition is gaining rapid growth among all the available biometrics. It is simple to use, and does not require any physical contact with a sensor. Its hands-free characteristics also add much convenience to its usage. The integration of iris scanners into smart phones has also made the technology more widely accepted.