Computer and Mobile Device Forensics

Computer CrimeComputer crime is not something you only see in movies. It happens in the business world and it may come from competitors, business partners, or even from within the company. Fraudulent activities may come in any forms. They can be as simple as data being deleted intentionally or unauthorized replication of confidential materials; or, they can involve corruption, money laundering, etc. Our experienced forensics consultants and investigators have been managing and conducting complex corporate investigations for allegations on different cases..

Computer ForensicsAlmost any action leaves a trace and there is always evidence that can lead to reconstruction of the truth. The aim of computer and mobile device forensics is to examine digital media collected from any computing or mobile device, preserve the evidence from them, as well as to identify, recover, analyze and present facts and findings that are legally admissible. The principles and methodologies used are very similar to those for data recovery, only with additional guidelines and practices designed to produce legal audit trails.