COM-TiAt is an easy to use time attendence system for managing collection of employee data, monitoring time attendance, and tracking labor.  It runs with standard PIN access systems and smart card/RFID readers available on the market.  It can also be integrated with biometrics recognition hardware for better access control, reducing payroll and labor costs, improving workforce productivity, minimizing compliance risk, and most importantly, providing you with peace of mind.

COM-TiAtEmployee information will be managed in the Staff Profile module of COM-TiAt.  Attendance data will be collected by the system at points of access which allows for automatic calculation and summarization of worked hours, over-time hours, and compensation hours.  The data can be exported for other processes, such as, clarification of employee attendance discrepancies and accelerating payroll processing.

Shifts of employees can be managed in Shift Manager  where they can be scheduled individually or in groups of workers.

Shift Management COM-TiAt is scalable with virtually no limitation on number of employees.  It can be deployed to multi-locations where access control hardware can be different at each location, allowing for more flexibility on the best fit hardware to be used based on the nature of each site.  Administration can be done at each location or can be centralized at one office.