Document ScannersDocument Scanner Family

Choosing the right document scanner requires consideration of many criteria, size of paper source, output format, output file size, daily scan volume, device sharing…… Striving for balance among these criteria becomes tedious, and not getting the best-fit scanner not only is an excessive consumption of resources, but is also affecting productivity.

We group document scanners into four categories and maybe this can ease your selection process in some ways.


Desktop ScannersDesktop Scanners

Desktop scanners are usually smaller in size, faster in response, and connect easily to office systems. They are ideal for individual users where ad hoc scanning and document collaboration are part of the daily routine.

Scan Speed  20 - 60 ppm
Daily Volume  1,000 - 10,000 pages 
Scan Mode  Simplex/Duplex, feeder and flatbed 
  desktop scanner 



Network ScannersNetwork Scanners

Network scanners connect to the office network without a PC, and scan to multiple destinations including email, fax servers, network folders, and FTP sites. They can also be integrated with specific business processes or applications where documents are scanned directly to, and information captured are sent into the system quickly and easily.

Scan Speed  up to 70 ppm 
Daily Volume  up to 6,000 pages 
Scan Mode  Simplex/Duplex, feeder and flatbed 
    SS700 office 375x250



Departmental ScannersDepartmental Scanners

Departmental scanners are perfect for streamlining and automating document management processes. The advanced scanning technology enables users from paper-intensive offices to benefit from productivity gains and cost-savings.

Scan Speed  50 - 100 ppm 
Daily Volume  15,000 - 25,000 pages 
Scan Mode  Simplex/Duplex, feeder and flatbed 
    dept scanner 3000



Production ScannersProduction Scanners

Production scanners are ready to tackle the most demanding high-volume requirements. These high-speed scanners are robust and affordable, and can operate virtually without limit, thus, enhancing productivity, versatility and reliability for any centralized operation.

Scan Speed  110 - 210 ppm 
Daily Volume  40,000 pages and up 
Scan Mode  Simplex/Duplex, feeder and flatbed 
    production scanner 5000